• laundry sorter, aged appearance, reclaimed lumber, distressed look furniture, gray finish, satin finish, rough lumber
    Furniture Items

    Aged Laundry Sorter

    Laundry Sorter I was shown a set of plans and asked if I could make what I saw there.  The plans were for a laundry sorter that would hold 3 laundry hampers to allow easy [...]
  • kitchen clock, wine bottle, wine art clock, green, wine bottles, custom clock
    Custom Wall Clocks

    Kitchen Wall Clock

    Completed another wall clock. This is a rather large clock measuring almost 12 inches in diameter.  The background is holly green, the main digits are under the gloss finish while the other hour markers were [...]
  • walnut circle, round plaque, weather station, clock mount
    Commercial Projects

    Circle Plaques

    I recently had an order from Ambient Weather LLC where circular walnut plaques were required. I have been making a variety of products for Ambient.  This is just the latest and I really like working [...]