• saloon doors, dallas cowboys, football, man cave, custom wood burning
    Custom Customs

    Saloon Door Wood Burning

    Saloon Door Wood Burning I was presented with an opportunity to do some artwork on this set of saloon doors destined to be the doors to a man cave. I did NOT make these doors. [...]
  • stand up, standing workstation, computer stand, custom computer stand, tall people, custom designed workstation, stand up computer station, stand up work station
    Custom Customs

    Standing Computer Workstation

    Standing Computer WorkStation This is a computer work station for those who prefer to stand while working.  This one is made for people on the taller side.  This one was designed for a person 6 [...]
  • flag coin rack. stars and stripes, flag, coin rack, custom coin rack, hand crafted
    Custom Customs

    Flag Coin Rack

    Flag Coin Rack Another custom piece for displaying the coins collected throughout the career. This flag plaque is completely handmade and hand painted.  The coin rails are actually reclaimed oak that was too good to [...]
  • dart board frame, dart board backing board, custome backing board, custom dart board frame, dart board, darts, throwing darts, cricket, steel darts, steel dart board
    Custom Customs

    Custom Dart Board Frame

    For the dart thrower in the family.  Here is a stylish, custom made backing board for your dart board. The backing material is actually cork flooring panels.  The customer provided the panels because they were [...]
  • Custom Carved Legs, skeleton legs, shins, sculpted table legs
    3D Carved Skull Coffee Table

    Hand Carved Leg Bone Table Legs

    These are part of a larger project……Skull Table 2.0.  I plan on carving the table legs to look like human shin bones.  I tried to maintain a sense of realism, same as the skull, but [...]