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Custom Engravings

I have done custom engraving on different woods.  Some were burned as well to accentuate the engraving.

Custom engraving, wood burning, hand crafted plaque

Customer provided wood, I provided the engraving and burning.

Custom engraving, driftwood engraving, custom wood work

Customer provided driftwood, engraved to commemorate the occasion.

Custom engraving, wood burning, driftwood engraving

Customer provided driftwood to be engraved and burned to celebrate getting married.

I have also done engraved plaques, cut, carved and engraved, by hand.  Painted and filled and built up with clear coat to give an added 3 dimensional feel.

Custom plaque, hand crafted, hand engraved, hand painted

Custom hand engraved gamer tag plaque

custom engraved plaques, hand engraved, custom wood work

Engraved, painted and filled in layers with paint between the layers to build up the 3D feel.

Custom engraved shelf, custom engraving, hand crafted shelf

The belt rack has the tiger from the dojo and the personal name engraved and painted.

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