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This page is dedicated to photos of my custom jobs not covered anywhere else.  All were requested.  I do not advertise making copyrighted materials or do I own any copyrights, but if you ask, I can usually come up with something.  These are just examples of my work.

Requested by a friend.  Every last bit was measured, taped, cut and painted. No appliques were used.

bag toss, cornhole, bean bag toss boards, sun devils, custom boards

Bean Bag Toss Boards

A friend asked me if I do something in Batman.

Batman Inspired Shelf, custom wall shelf, batman shelf

Batman Inspired Shelf

Made as a graduation gift for someone who really liked George R.R. Martin’s novel series.  The book set is “A Song of Ice and Fire” or as some people know it, “Game Of Thrones”

This a “The Night’s Watch Oath” taken from the George R.R. Martin novel series “A Song of Ice and Fire”. This is only to showcase my custom work. Mr. Martin if you see this, it is an homage to your work and influence. I made this as a gift for a recent college graduate. I pictured the oath as an original scribed copy that has been to hell and back over the years to come up with the look here. Even the brush strokes in the finish are intentional.

Custom plaque, custom wall plaque, game of thrones

Night’s Watch Oath

Mom wanted this game, but with pegs instead of marbles.

Pegs And Jokers

Pegs And Jokers

Created a VW Bus plaque with a 3D feel.  I cut individual VW logos so that it would raised, not just painted on.

VW Bus Plaque, 3D plaque, custom volkswagon plaque

VW Bus Plaque

My Grandson needed a place to park his toy, Toothless, from “How To Train Your Dragon”.

How To Train Your Dragon

How To Train Your Dragon

I was really proud of this paint job.

Custom cutting, DHPA Coyote Plaques, custom finishing

DHPA Coyote Plaques

The laser engraving (one other thing I don’t do myself) was done where my son works, Cascade Laser Engraving.  These are for me, with an eye towards making more.  Cascade to do the engraving and me to build the lighted displays.

Starship Enterprise from Star Trek

Starship Enterprise from Star Trek

Ford Model "T"

Ford Model “T”

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