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virginia veterans, custom wall plaque, virginia wall plaque, custom engraved wall plaque, veterans club, wall plaque
Virginia Veterans Unknown Soldiers
Unknown Soldiers Comemmorative Plaque The plaque was created by special request from the veterans group, Unknown Soldiers, in Virginia. I was sent a copy [...]
Horse lovers, wall shelf, horse shelf, custom shelf, hand crafted, specialty shelf
Horse Lover’s Wall Shelf
  Horse Lover’s Wall Shelf                         This shelf is super HOT.  They [...]
custom design wall clock, wall clock, specialty item, copper wall clock
Industrial Wall Clock
The Industrial Wall Clock   This clock was created just because I thought it would look cool.  And, as awesome as I think it is, it doesn’t [...]
Dolphin Wall Shelf
Handcrafted Dolphin Wall Shelf     Hang the grace of dolphin on your wall in this completely handmade decorative shelf. The detail has been cut [...]
Led Zeppelin clock, custom clock, custom designed clock, 3D clock
New Product UPdates
Just a quick update to highlight my newest projects.  First up are some photos of the specially requested Led Zeppelin clock.  The green is a special blend [...]
custom project, mailbox stand, outhouse, mailbox holder, customized stand
Outhouse Mailbox Stand
Outhouse Mailbox Stand This mailbox stand was a recent custom order.  The customer showed me a photo to see if I could make it.  I could find no published [...]
tray table, laptop tray, laptop tray table, personalized tray, custom tray table
Custom Laptop/Breakfast Tray
Custom Laptop/Breakfast Tray This is a one of a kind tray table designed specifically for use with the recliner in this photo.  It is an over sized chair [...]
tray table, laptop tray, laptop tray table, personalized tray, custom tray table
Working on some new ideas
I am working up some new ideas which are still in the development and testing phase.  Two of them will already become real projects. First up is the tray [...]
laundry sorter, aged appearance, reclaimed lumber, distressed look furniture, gray finish, satin finish, rough lumber
Aged Laundry Sorter
Laundry Sorter I was shown a set of plans and asked if I could make what I saw there.  The plans were for a laundry sorter that would hold 3 laundry [...]
bag toss, cornhole, bean bag toss boards, sun devils, custom boards
Custom designs based on Requests
Highlighting some of my more CUSTOM work so far.  Most was done per request.