Custom Engravings

pyrography, engraved, bowl, tray, key tray, entry tray, dough bowl, hand crafted
Custom Family Tray
I was asked to make a custom tray with the family name engraved in the bottom. I had recently gotten a new wood burning (pyrography) kit that got this job [...]
handcrafted name plaque, name plaque, custom woodburning, custom engraving, burned engraving, engraved name plaque
Custom Engraved Name Plaques
These are custom engraved and burned name plaques to hang in front of your house or by your front door, or where ever you like.  I was trying a [...]
virginia veterans, custom wall plaque, virginia wall plaque, custom engraved wall plaque, veterans club, wall plaque
Virginia Veterans Unknown Soldiers
Unknown Soldiers Comemmorative Plaque The plaque was created by special request from the veterans group, Unknown Soldiers, in Virginia. I was sent a copy [...]
Custom plaque, hand crafted, hand engraved, hand painted
Video of attempted 3D effects
Uploaded a video demonstrating the effects I worked into a custom engraved gamer tag plaque.