Monthly Archives: July 2016

Horse lovers, wall shelf, horse shelf, custom shelf, hand crafted, specialty shelf
Horse Lover’s Wall Shelf
  Horse Lover’s Wall Shelf                         This shelf is super HOT.  They [...]
custom design wall clock, wall clock, specialty item, copper wall clock
Industrial Wall Clock
The Industrial Wall Clock   This clock was created just because I thought it would look cool.  And, as awesome as I think it is, it doesn’t [...]
Dolphin Wall Shelf
Handcrafted Dolphin Wall Shelf     Hang the grace of dolphin on your wall in this completely handmade decorative shelf. The detail has been cut [...]
Led Zeppelin clock, custom clock, custom designed clock, 3D clock
New Product UPdates
Just a quick update to highlight my newest projects.  First up are some photos of the specially requested Led Zeppelin clock.  The green is a special blend [...]